Public Announcement from the Hamilton Fringe

Hamilton Fringe Festival is making some changes.  There will not be a big Fringe in 2014.

We have decided to change the festival date to April 2015 for a number of excellent reasons.

However, The Fringe can’t let the year go by without some silly carry-on though so we will have a “mini-fringe” from 24th – 27th September.


The format will be different than it has been in the past.  The Mini-Fringe is not an open-access event. 

We would like to hear from performers and artists with ideas for short pieces of creative outburst 2-20 minutes in length to be performed/shown in the Meteor as part of several performance-cafe-style sessions.

Artists of any genre/medium are welcome to express their interest in participating.  There will be no fee to be on the lineup.


How do we choose who gets on the bill?  If we are overwhelmed with submissions we’ll have to come up with some crackpot way of choosing who gets on the bill; potentially involving snakes and/or hats.

We are also interested in hearing from artists who want to put on Fringe events outside of the Meteor as part of the Mini-Fringe.  You will be listed on the festival website and in the festival programme which will be distributed around the city as per usual.


The cost of your event is completely up to you, however, we are able to offer 5 projects $250 each for the cost of an event outside of the Meteor.    The money will be awarded to artists who have unusual, fun, clever and/or strange ideas and a sound strategy for carrying them out.

Click on relevant links below:

Hamilton Mini Fringe at Meteor  or  Outside Meteor Mini-Fringe 2014

Expressions of Interest close on 1st June

Contact for enquiries relating to Mini-fringe at the Meteor

Contact for enquiries relating to events outside of the Meteor

All other enquiries contact


If you have a burning desire to put on your own show at The Meteor in 2014 independently of the Fringe Festival you can!

Thanks to the hard work of the One Victoria St Trust who are now running things down there, hireage fees for the Meteor are now within the means of earthly artists!

Go to for more information.


Meanwhile we want YOU and YOUR FABULOUS IDEAS for the Mini-Fringe by June 1st.  Register now!!!