What the Fringe!?

Fringe Festivals are a chance for artists and audiences to try something new. This year there are Burlesque art exhibitions and VHS marathons through to talks and workshops.

Improvised theatre, improvised music, improvised dance and even improvised live drawing. And some opportunities not merely to watch but to get involved. The chance to make something weird. Or if you prefer to sit back and observe there’s plenty of theatre on stage too. So whether you’re dipping your toe outside your comfort zone or taking the plunge, there’s something at the Fringe for you.


For tickets and bookings visit: themeteor.co.nz


In full-time employment


Students, beneficiaries, gold card holders


Under 16 years of age


We’ll take your money if you want 😉


Most of this year’s events are at the Meteor Theatre but be sure to check out the other venues to!

The Meteor theatre

The Meteor is NZ’s biggest and best ‘black box’ theatre. The Waikato’s most exciting, accessible and affordable Performing Arts venue!
The Fringe has a special love relation with this awesome venue and acts as the main hub for this years edition. The Nancy Caiger Gallery is located in the building, just like the Rehersal room.
Check out their website: themeteor.co.nz

Click here for the Meteor’s location

Hayes Common

Local drinking hole for the creative people of Hamilton East. This place not only looks great and serves great food but hosts awesome events to!
This year our genteel social bicycle ride will start from here.
Check out their website: hayescommon.co.nz

Click here for Hayes Common’s location

Auteur House

Richard Swainson’s last video store on earth is not only a great place to rent some of these shiny discs but also hosts great events!
Check out the website: Auteur House

Click here for Auteur House’s location

Our friends

Much appreciation and thanks to our funders, supporters, collaborators and cohorts. We could not do this without you.
Thank you for helping to make our community richer.

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